Eleven Paris is a Paris based company and clothing line. They started with silly t-shirts like mustaches on celebrity faces, with screen prints and basic men’s shirts. They then turned into a full men’s line and by 2007 Eleven Paris opened their online store. In 2010, they released a woman’s collection and by 2012 they had 650 stores in France and 800 more spread out over 25 countries. They are now a men’s and women’s brand that also offers accessories. The design staff at Eleven Paris had stated that they traveled to all four corners of the world to get artistic inspiration. They are more of an urban silhouette with influences from pop culture, humor, rock and roll, and contemporary cool. This is why they always have a lot of fun design on their clothing line. Their motto is “it’s about feeling good in the city and the clothes you are in.”

Eleven Paris have done a lot with their campaigns as well and keep it very relevant to rock n’ roll by using iconic rock stars and references. They choose to use the big name photographers when doing this big photo shoots to really cause a buzz and get the consumer excited about the new style.