Alife est. in 1999 in New York. In 2001, came the Alife Rivington Club store, which is in NYC. The Rivington Club is a sneaker store and has a Nike Tier 0 account, which is the best account Nike gives out. Only about 15 stores worldwide have it! So they get all the limited sneakers there including all the Alife releases. The store also sells its own separate Alife Rivington Club apparel and collaborations. In 2005, Alife expanded out of the USA and opened their third store with Alife Vancouver in Canada. It has a very clean design and sells Alife products to all those north of the border. In 2007, they opened their forth store in Los Angeles in the Fairfax district where many street wear flagship stores located. The Alife LA store design is amazing, it’s like a museum where they have everything behind glass and customer just look at what you’d like to purchase. Customer then tell the cashier what he/she'd like to purchase and slide the money to them through a window and get the product.

Alife continue to open stores in different countries and cities all with a different clean look: Very high class and very respectable. Alife did start out as a sneaker store only but as most sneaker stores do, they ended up designing clothes for their customers and from there, they become a street wear brand. They have done collaborations with Levis and Reebok, and they offer limited edition clothes at affordable price points.